Caring Caps is dependent on our valuable volunteers and contributors to be successful. Without them, we wouldn't be here today. Take Holy Cross School of Delaware, for example. These young children are changing countless lives through their knitted items.



Because Caring Caps is made up of entirely volunteers (we don't have any paid staff), 95% of you donation goes straight to changing infant lives. A $5 donation can change just one life.

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One Time item Donation

Not interested in volunteering regularly? You can do a one time donation of hats, yarn, looms, or any other supply. It's simple and all donations are tax deductible.

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How You Can Become a Volunteer

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Step 2: After you complete the Volunteer Registration Form, we will e-mail you, letting you know that we have received your submission and are excited to have you join our organization! This e-mail will include a link to a confirmation page where you will need to confirm that you would like to become a Caring Caps volunteer. This step is mandatory, so please check your e-mail!

Step 1: To become a volunteer, please fill out our Volunteer Registration Form, which can be found by clicking here. Answer a few questions and let us know a little bit about yourself. This helps us to easily get you started and meet your knitting or crocheting needs.





Step 3: Once you have fully registered as a Caring Caps volunteer, we will be mailing you a welcome packet. Here you will find more information on Caring Caps, resources that you can use as a volunteer, a free pattern, as well as a form to request for supplies. If you are looking for Caring Caps to supply you with a loom, yarn, crochet hook, etc. you must fill out this form and mail it back to us! You can also find an online version of the form here.

Step 4: After we have received you supplies form (optional), you are ready to get started! If you already have your own loom/crochet hook, you can get knitting or crocheting! We have a pattern collection that is accessible to all of our volunteers. So start knitting! Once you utilize our patterns, you can create just about anything you want! 

Step 5: So you've made about 25 items. Great! Keep in mind, it may take a few months to get a good group of items knitted, and that is completely acceptable! Once you are ready to ship your items to us, let us know. After we receive your handmade creations, we will send you a check to refund you for your shipping cost! That way you don't have to pay a dollar out of your pocket, and you have supported a great cause!

Resources for Active Volunteers

Hat tags

Once you have knitted more than 10 hats, you may need to replenish your supply of hat tags. Below is a link to download a page of 30 hat tags you can print out and attach to your items. The PDF is writable, so you can type your name in the tag before you print it!

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More patterns

As you knit items for Caring Caps, you want to branch out with you knitting and knit more items. We have created a page with multiple patterns for any active volunteers. Check it out with the link below. Please contact us for the username and password.

Volunteer Resource→